Year: 2018
Client: TrendNine
Role: UI/UX designer
What I did: UI/UX Design, Logo design, Icon design, Brand design

What do I wear? What do I shop? TrendNine is the one-stop shopping platform for fashion. It enables users to discover, explore, and purchase trending looks and outfits from around the world, all in one place.

“Discover the latest fashion and styles from influencers worldwide.”

The goal was to design a commerce-driven marketing platform, that would provide a complete discovery-to-purchase shopping experience around user-generated visual content. Clean and simple interface, that would help users focus on the contents.


Existing social communities and publishing platforms offer
- No compelling shopping experience for shoppers
- No solution to effectively monetize content for trendsetters
As a result, there is a disconnect between discovery and commerce.


To maximize opportunities for discovery, engagement, and commerce, TrendNine provides a "personalized shopping experience" around influencer content.
3 ways to view posts on mobile
The stronger and smarter sorting, searching, and filtering
- Product pages for each post, and a trendsetter posts per each product
- Related product recommendations – similar, complimentary products
- Customer reviews
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