Year: May 2021 - Nov 2021 (6 months)
Team: OnePlus
Role: Senior Product Designer
What I did: App Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Prototyping, Illustration, System design

Clipt is an app to transfer information like text, images, or files seamlessly between all of your devices. OneLab team created an Android and iOS app for mobile or tablets, a Chrome extension for use on Mac or PC. With Clipt your clipboard is seamless linked. All devices are connected with the same Google account. 

The seamless Clipboard

In this project, I conducted UI design, illustrations, icons, prototype design, user testing, and promotional animations for Clip v2.0.


Users struggle to transfer information between different devices. There are some products like ‘Airdrop’ and ‘Nearby share,’ but they don’t cover all devices. Thus, we wanted to create a product to make this connection seamless across all devices. Make it easy to share all types of data like text, photos and files between devices. We did user interviews and found some existing solutions to get data between devices.

“I send myself emails to get text and photos back and forth.”
“I occasionally use Google drive to transfer data back and forth but it gets so messy.”
“I use WhatsApp Web chat but you can’t log in on more than 2 devices so I have to choose between my tablet and laptop.”
“I use WeChat file transfer and then find that folder on my laptop.”
“I often will text my friend and then copy the text. Then I have to tell them to ignore or delete the message.”
“Plugging an Android phone into a MacBook is too much hassle so I just don’t bother.” “My work has OneDrive so I occasionally use that.”

The app makes it easy to copy and paste text, photos, and files across multiple devices. Once you install the app on your phone and the  extension on your PC or Mac, a link is created between the devices to connect your clipboard. As a result, you will no longer have to use a messaging app or a cloud service to get something from your Android phone to your PC or Mac. There's also no limit to the number of devices you can connect using Clipt.


Overall, 30.3% loss on the onboarding process, and 12.2% drop-off rate on the 'Welcome' banner page. The repetitive and unnecessary banners make users confused whether they installed successfully. How can we successfully lead users to install Clipt on at least two devices?


1. Simplified steps - removed the 'Welcome' page, but still had a 13.5% overall loss based on 2.3K sessions.

2. Conversational design - more straightforward and narrative way

Results & Final design

The iteration was quite successful and reduced the overall drop-off rate of onboarding from 13.5% to 4.18%. Also, it gained 300k downloads on Play Store with a rating 4.4 and received 5 awards, including iF design award, The Good Design Awards and A’Design.

Seamless onboarding process

Simple to use. Increase your productivity. Multiple ways of sending.

Connect to the browser extensions to copy from your computer

Easy to find texts, images, or files

Never loose track of your clipboard with the history and pinned features

New dashboard features to add, rename, and delete devices

Personalized settings

Seamless, single-line icons and illustrations

A seamless, long single-line approach conveys the ideas of connection, and seamlessness, which are aligned with Clipt brand identity.

Dark & Light theme / Android & iOS design

Hand-off & Documantation

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