WellPaper - Digital Wellbeing Live Wallpaper

Year: 2021
Team: OnePlus
Role: Senior Product Designer
What I did: App Design, UI/UX Design, Illustration, System design

While digital wellbeing becomes a trending topic in recent years, the work-from-home routine requires people to pay more attention to their daily smartphone habits. My team, OneLab, wanted to build a solution to support people in understanding their daily usages, in a way of having their uniques, personalized wallpapers to express their identities. WellPaper allows users to visualize and better understand day-to-day smartphone habits in an aesthetic way.

I built its design system and illustrations for consistency, and made "Botanical Garden" and "Cosmos" in five different wallpaper designs. The dynamic wallpapers break down your daily usage by category including games, information/business, entertainment, social, communication, and tools. Each category is assigned a color and, throughout the day, the wallpaper changes to reflect how much time you’ve spent using apps within each category.

You can download WellPaper from the Google Play Store.


WellPaper doesn't require an account or any sign-up to use, but in order to render a dynamic wallpaper representing users' device usage, it needs to access the relevant data from the system. So the goal of the onboarding is to help users understand what are data being collected and what are the purposes.


Presented two wallpapers I worked on: "Botanical Garden", and "Cosmos".

Select, view, and set a wallpaper

All five wallpapers are presented on the home screen, with their own one sentence introductions. Selecting a wallpaper, users can learn the connections between six colors and app categories, "Entertainment," "Games," "Information & Business," "Lifestyle & Communication," "Social," and "Tools." It also explains the interactions users can perform, like unlocking the device or tapping on the wallpaper to view detailed screen time.

Let’s say you spend all day playing games. If so, the tulip/pink planet will be the biggest one on the Botanical Garden/Cosmos.

Set a daily screen time target and view detailed app screen time

Going into the "Screen Time" tab, users can set a daily screen time target, and some wallpapers will use this number to visualize the progress and give a gentle reminder when users' screen time exceed their expectations. They can also view the screen time of a specific category, or even a specific app.

View, change, or assign an app's category

When users use WellPaper for the first time, WellPaper fetches the category data from Google Play Store to label all apps on the phone, but they are not always accurate. Users can change the category of an app if they think Twitter should be "Communication" rather than "Social," or assign a uncategorized one.

Illustrations used in the app

I have also created four illustrations for onboarding and empty pages, to deliver our digital wellbeing message using fun geometric shapes and a joyful tone.

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