Year: 2017
Client: tulo
Agency: Havas New York
Role: Brand Identity Design, Illustration, Campaign

In recent years, the direct-to-consumer, “bed-in-a-box” category has exploded. It’s disrupting traditional mattress buying behavior, and stealing share from traditional brick & mortars. How can Mattress Firm, the country’s leading retailer, launch tulo—a brand new bed-in-a-box brand—in a space where over 30 brands are already competing?

“One is not a choice”

In a market where most brands follow the lead of Casper by offering only one choice of mattress, tulo introduced itself to the world with “one is not a choice”—an integrated campaign challenging the idea that one kind of bed is perfect for everybody, by imagining a world without choice. The campaign came to life in video, radio, print, social, and digital and featured the different options available when you choose to buy tulo.

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